Seminar: Passing it On!

Passing It On! is a seminar that is leading countless around the world toward personal and ministry transformation.

Based on 5 core values of Jesus, this 2-5 day seminar will help leaders move from leading in the flesh toward leading more like Jesus. Developed by MentorLink partners from multiple cultures and ministry backgrounds, and refined by use in 46+ nations, this seminar helps people acquire the heart, attitudes, motives and character of a true Christ-centered leader.

Intended for anyone who wishes to disciple or mentor others, this seminar will  transform how leaders develop other leaders.  Pastors, church staff, business owners, senior managers, small group leaders, mission organization leaders and staff, elders, vestry members, deacons and Sunday school leaders can each benefit from the material presented in this seminar.

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Manual: Passing It On!

Passing It On! is now also available for download in several languages.

Our vision is for every believing community to have effective Christ-like leaders, and for all leaders to have effective Christ-like mentors. We pray that grassroot movements of Christ-like leadership development will spontaneously and intentionally emerge in countries around the world. We count it a privilege to serve the Body of Christ through our lives and through our materials.

This Passing It On! manual has been developed and field tested in numerous countries around the world. Our prayer is that through interaction with this material, and the application of these values, people around the world will be enriched, edified and encouraged.