Mentoring Process


MentorLink’s Global Leadership Team with input from around the globe, has developed a one-page graphic to describe the mentoring process. This graphic was designed to simplify the mentoring process and assist those who wish to be identified as Christlike leaders in beginning, sustaining, and completing a mentoring relationship.

The graphic above illustrates the simple process of Christlike mentoring:

  • The outer circle: Christlike mentoring is always done in the presence of the Triune God
  • The triangle: Christlike mentoring involves three participants – the Holy Spirit, the mentor,
    and the mentee
  • The connecting lines: The nature of the engagement between the three participants takes
    different forms
  • The center circle: The goal of each engagement is for both the mentor and the mentee to
    become more like Jesus in life and leadership

This tool can be used by mentors as a guide for developing their mentoring relationships. Mentors also can use the document to introduce mentees to the mentoring process, giving them an idea of what to expect as they walk with the mentor in their journey of life transformation. In addition, this graphic can be used as an aid in mentor training seminars, exposing potential mentors to spiritual dynamic of biblical mentoring relationships.

We pray that this tool will instruct and encourage you as you seek to be a Christlike mentor