“For every believing community, Christlike leaders,
and for every leader, Christlike mentors.”

Welcome to MentorLink

What is MentorLink?

MentorLink is a worldwide movement and a network for equipping leaders and mentors globally who lead like Jesus and develop others to do the same.  We provide:

  • Encouragement, tools and training for churches, ministries and leaders to mentor and develop mentoring movements of people who live and lead like Jesus.
  • The provider of the spark or the “fanner” of the existing flame for mentoring to happen well in the uniqueness of each church and ministry.

A World-Wide Leadership Movement Has Begun

MentorLink began in 2000 in Amsterdam, after thirteen leaders from twelve ministries met to consider the need to develop leaders for the rapidly growing worldwide church.  Saturation evangelism and church planting had produced enormous global numerical growth, which had also produced a growing leadership shortfall.  By the end of 2019, over 95,000 leaders have been trained in 70+ nations with multiplied thousands of leaders impacted to lead like Jesus!

Our Methods are Simple, and Effective!

With MentorLink, an effective mentor joins another in their life journey in order to be God’s instrument in helping them become all that God wants them to become and do all that God wants them to do.

Our mission is to accelerate mentoring within the worldwide body of Jesus.

Our vision is for every believing community, effective leaders, and for every leader, effective mentors!

Your Invitation to Join

You can be part of this growing movement.  Training and excellent resources are available for you, as you seek to lead and train others to lead like Jesus.  Contact us anytime to get started!

What We Provide

  • Personal mentoring.
  • Mentoring groups using the MentorLink Institute (face-to-face or by Zoom).
  • Seminars on mentoring using the Passing It On seminar materials.
  • Mentoring materials available in many languages such as Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Personal and professional support and empiric exchange.
  • Regular prayer follow-up.

Relationships and Resources

Would you like to see more leaders step up within your organization?  Are you longing for leaders within your church to rise up and use their leadership gifts in a way that reflects the leadership characteristics of Jesus?  MentorLink can help you with the relationships and the resources to empower your leaders to lead.

MentorLink is built through a network of relationships and the development of tools which are distributed freely here on this website under the “Resources” tab, for your use. Most of the tools are created to be used in small group discussion formats.

  • The Leader’s Covenant and MentorLink Institute tools flow from the Lausanne Congress 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • The Days with Jesus video tools are the result of a partnership between The JESUS Film and MentorLink to assist with discipleship and leader multiplication. They are now available in 40 languages impacting people in over 180 countries. Since the tools were developed in 2011, over 49,064,000 discipleship encounters have been recorded with many people saved and churches established
  • The tool, False Leaders, was developed to instruct and warn people about this issue as Jesus and the apostles did in the first century.
  • Leading Like Jesus, our newest tool, combines three proven MentorLink resources: The Transformational Values, The Leader’s Covenant, and The Leader’s Covenant Discussion Guide. It is designed to be used in small, peer-mentoring discussion groups for pastors and other ministry leaders.

Passing it On Seminar

Our Passing it On seminar is really the centrepiece of our MentorLink training.  Designed as a seminar for you to ultimately give to leaders or potential leaders in your organization, it gives the foundations for a Christ-Centred Leadership Movement.  Passing it On seeks to equip leaders with Biblical values, strategies and practices for personal transformation, organizational change and ministry multiplication.

Passing it On is available online as an ecourse offered through Crest Leadership Academy or in a live, seminar format, and depending on where you are in Canada, one of our Team Members can arrange to present it to you, your leaders, or potential leaders.  You decide the format, but Passing it On works best in multiple, 2-hour sessions with your team.

It is our goal to offer Passing it On in an online seminar format in the near future via Facebook and Zoom.  Ask us, or watch here for details.


In this seven-minute video, Marvin Brubacher, International Ambassador for MentorLink Canada, talks about transformational mentoring and shares several key principles to Passing it On.


Our Values

The content, process, and goals of our ministry are based on the following values:


Grace: Living based on the finished work of Christ; living and leading by faith and in humility, openness, brokenness, teachabilty, and generosity
Kingdom Focus: Having a holistic understanding of the kingdom of God and a perspective that seeks the glory of Christ and the promotion of His Kingdom work around the world
Servanthood: Relating to and influencing others by giving oneself to serve people and meet their needs in the pattern and power of Christ
Team Leadership: Leading as part of a gifted community; influencing with vulnerability, mutual accountability, delegation, and empowerment
Relationships: Measuring ministry effectiveness on the quality of relationships produced as seen in love, conflict resolution, people building, caring community, etc.
Intentional Multiplication: Multiplying quantitative and qualitative growth through intentional, expansive reproduction by a number of gifted leaders who can impact others
Measuring by Faithfulness: Living a faithful life as a steward of the multifaceted grace of God, believing that one’s greatest effectiveness may well show up after he / she completes the journey of this life

The MentorLink Canada Team

MentorLink Canada is a growing cross-country network of people who know the importance of mentoring from their own experience, and who are learning to help others take mentoring to the next level, through training and advocating for Christian Leaders.  Our main vehicle is the Passing it On seminar, which we offer at in-person gatherings, and via Zoom conferencing.  Let us know if we can help you can recruit and train leaders in your community!

Lorne Meisner

Lorne Meisner

MentorLink Canada - West

After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary, Lorne initially taught at a Bible College on the Canadian Prairies, while at the same time helping plant a church in a nearby community.  Sensing God’s leading into local church ministry, he pastored two churches over the next 20 years, one in Northern Ontario and the other in the city of Winnipeg, which has become “home” since 1986.  At the age of 50, he and his wife, Esther, took an extended sabbatical from ministry to refresh and refocus. For the past 18 years, Lorne has used his ministry skills and experience in mentoring and coaching two groups of pastors in Central Canada, for 18 years with the Baptist General Conference of Canada and for 3.5 years with the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada. Serving as district coach and associate regional director, he has found his stride in mentoring other pastors and challenging pastors and churches to become more intentional in reproducing disciples and planting new churches.
Terry Dorey

Terry Dorey

MentorLink Canada - Ontario

Mentoring has been a key part of Terry’s life as he has grown and served as an Associate Pastor in the areas of discipleship and small group ministry in churches across Ontario over the past 33 years.   Described by many as a “people-person” and “thoughtful organizer, Terry enjoys helping people become connected to the love and good news of Jesus and to the local church.  Vocational ministry began for Terry and his wife Karen as missionaries in Alaska with Send International in the early 1980’s.  The next step was graduate studies for Terry at Trinity (TEDS) in Chicago where he received his MDiv degree.  Terry has served in churches connected to the The Fellowship, Christian & Missionary Alliance and Vision Ministries Canada.  Currently Terry serves as Pastor of Connections and Spiritual Growth at Brant Community Church in Brantford, Ontario.  Developing a discipleship pathway and assisting people with catalysts for their spiritual growth is a present focus for Terry.  He aims to help churches and ministry leaders to be more intentional and effective with mentoring relationships that help people in following and becoming more like Jesus.

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Morgan Senior

Morgan Senior

MentorLlink Canada - Ontario

Morgan got involved with Mentorlink in 2014. He joined Mentorlink online courses hosted by the Mentorlink Institute. Over the years of taking and leading courses he has been blessed through fellowshipping with believers in India, Africa, Canada and the USA. In 2019 he joined the board of Mentorlink Canada and in 2020 accepted the role of Treasurer.
Morgan is a partner in an accounting and tax preparation business in Cambridge, Ontario. He is hoping to reduce his hours at work and devote more time to Mentorlink in the near future.
Morgan and his wife Jewel have 3 children and 4 (soon to be 5) grandchildren.
Marvin Brubacher

Marvin Brubacher

MentorLink Canada - International Ambassador

Marvin has served as the Executive Director of MentorLink Canada since January 2012.

Since his young adult period, Marvin has focused on mentoring younger leaders as a significant dimension of his life and ministry. The privilege of engaging with men in intentional, accountable mentoring relationships continues to bring him great delight and personal growth.

Marvin has served in vocational ministries in local churches and Christian higher education settings since 1974. Before MentorLink, he served for 21+ years as the first president of Heritage College & Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario. He has participated in various ministry activities throughout Canada and the world.

Marvin and his wife, Kay, have three adult sons, two daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren. Marvin serves at Forward Church in Cambridge, Ontario.

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Updates from the MentorLink Canada Team

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You Can Make A Difference…

Our goal is to develop multitudes of Christ-like leaders around the world. Our inside-out, character-driven training is transforming lives worldwide.

Tim Jacobson

Tim Jacobson

MentorLink Canada - Executive Director

Tim was born to missionary parents and raised in Ethiopia. As a fresh college (Prairie) graduate, he returned to Ethiopia to work with an SIM team doing famine relief and development work in northern Ethiopia. During seminary (Providence), Tim and Lorna got married and Tim pastored a church.  After seminary, Tim returned with his young family to work in Ethiopia with SIM in development and theological education. Tim was the founder and academic dean of a rural ministry training college and then principal of a theological college in Addis Ababa before serving as theological education advisor to the denomination. Returning to Canada, he served with SIM in missionary preparation and mobilizing. Tim’s doctoral studies focused on the spiritual formation of missionaries. Most recently he served as the SIM International Theological Education Ministry Point Person. As of November 2021, he has been seconded by SIM to serve with MentorLink Canada moving into the role of Executive Director in April 2023.

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From Friends Mentored through MentorLink… 

“Marvin mentors with a true passion for a leader to excel in his ministry for God’s glory. He assists me with concise insights and questions that probe to the very core of who I am as a believer in Christ. An action plan is developed to achieve measurable goals. All is done with genuine personal concern.”

Bill Ball

Director, Slavic Gospel Association Canada

“What I have appreciated about my mentoring relationship with Terry is that he listens to my concerns and adapts our study and discussions to help me grow in those areas, rather than taking a cookie cutter approach. Terry is always gracious and encouraging while at the same time, challenging me to be better.”

William Ah-ton

Christian Businessman, Attending Unionville Alliance Church, Markham, ON

“Marvin draws on a wealth of experience in leading and changing organizations by engaging with people in a direct and personal way.  His genuine interest in my life is evident in every interaction with him.  His wisdom and discernment provide much valued advice on a very practical level, while his direct and honest approach challenges me and holds me accountable.  Spending time with Marvin is always worthwhile to me; I leave feeling encouraged and refocused.”

Paul Thompson

Communitech Coach, Sonova Holdings AG, Switzerland

It has been such a joy to have Gary as a mentor. Everyone goes through challenges in life but having someone to turn to for guidance, wisdom, a listening ear, and more, makes those challenges seem less daunting. Gary has been that for person for me. Not only helping me navigate through the tough stuff of life but also to celebrate the joys of life as well. Gary is not only a wealth of knowledge but he continues to challenge me to become the best leader I can be.”

Aaron Naismith

Pastor of Student and Worship Ministries, Calvary Baptist Church, Guelph, Ontario

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