Introduction to the Leader’s Covenant

How to Use the Leader’s Covenant

Welcome to the Leader’s Covenant – a simple, yet profound description of true spiritual leadership in ten aspirational statements complete with Scripture references.

Jesus and the Apostles had much to teach about leaders in His Kingdom.

 What they do

 How they relate to people

  How they view themselves

  What are the appropriate motives

  What they teach by their words and actions

In contrast, Jesus and the Apostles also warned about false leaders. In almost every letter in the New Testament, false leaders are identified or described. So this topic is not to be taken lightly.

The Leader’s Covenant was developed to simply state these facts for leaders around the world today. We encourage you to read the Covenant and sign it in the presence of some of your trusted colleagues or friends. Then pass it on to others.

There is no cost to you for this. Our burden and vision is that leaders in the Kingdom will lead and develop other leaders to be more like Jesus.

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