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Learn to lead like Jesus and mentor others while participating in mentor groups. The MentorLink Institute is a tested and proven strategy that works through a network of partners and mentors.

Downloadable Resources

This resource will help believers identify and deal with false leaders, provide New Testament teaching about false leaders that has international input and affirmation, provide a humble, principled, self-reflective, and discerning approach to this topic, and calls leaders to faithful Christ-focused leadership.

A simple, yet profound description of true spiritual leadership in ten aspirational statements with Scripture passages. Includes curriculum, devotional and discussion guide, and a reflection questions for personal or group use.

Leading Like Jesus is the combination of three proven resources developed and refined for international use. These three resources are: The Transformational Values, The Leader’s Covenant, and The Leader’s Covenant Discussion Guide. Leading Like Jesus is designed to be used in small, peer-mentoring, discussion groups for pastors and ther ministry leaders.

This book by Dr. Stacy Rinehart is about Jesus and leading in His kingdom. Lead in Light of Eternity: The JESUS Model is for anyone who aspires to live and lead like Jesus in the workplace, the church, the mission field, or the world.

MentorLink’s Global Leadership Team with input from around the globe, has developed a one-page graphic to describe the mentoring process. This graphic was designed to simplify the mentoring process and assist those who wish to be identified as Christlike leaders in beginning, sustaining, and completing a mentoring relationship.

Based on 5 core values of Jesus, this 2-5 day seminar will help leaders move from leading in the flesh toward leading more like Jesus. Developed by MentorLink partners from multiple cultures and ministry backgrounds, and refined by use in 46+ nations, this seminar helps people acquire the heart, attitudes, motives and character of a true Christ-centered leader.

Jesus’ ways are to be our ways. The focus is on changing leaders from the inside-out and on the leader’s character and heart. Five values shifts needed for leaders who want to move away from leading in the ways of the flesh to leading more like Jesus.

Video Discipleship Series

This disciple-making and leader development series depicts the birth of the early church through the eyes of Luke, the author of the Gospel of Luke. This series is currently in beta testing and is split into four parts.

Journey with Jesus to draw closer to His heart and discover how He wants us to live, lead and influence people. Video-based discipling using The JESUS Film with questions for reflection and discussion.

This new series will inspire, challenge, and encourage you as you seek life and ministry change. Each video incorporates an affirmation from the Leader’s Covenant, inspiration and challenges from leaders around the world and questions for application and reflection.

Examine the life and ministry of Jesus Christ through the newest movie from The Jesus Film Project, The Life of Jesus. Each video contains questions for questions for reflection and discussion.

Spend a few minutes with Stacy as he discusses important topics such as servant leadership, biblical mentoring, and leaving spiritual legacies in these 3-5 minute Mentor video segments.


For those who enjoy the accountability and pacing of a structured course, we have partnered with Jesus.net to provide online courses for our most popular video discipleship resources. Currently only available in English.

Download printable one-page handouts:

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