Our Partners

We do together what no one of us can do alone…

MentorLink International is pleased to partner with several organizations for the purpose of making Jesus Christ known throughout the earth.  We encourage you to learn more about these wonderful ministries. 

The calling, vision, and resources of MentorLink partners remain unique while the synergy of strategic alliances exceeds the reach of individual ministries. The result: the Body of Christ acts in power and beauty to move the Kingdom forward.

Numerous ministries speak about spiritual reproduction through transformation and character development. But how many really make it the focal point of what they do? MentorLink International does just that—as a unique band of genuine, authentic men and women who model Christ-like character and give their lives to reproduce the same.

Phil Arendt

Partners International

MentorLink and Partners International has worked in a partnership equipping leaders of local missions, pastors and church planters in West Africa for two years. Today we can observe some tangible change and a beginning of a mentoring germ from different countries…I would like to thank God for starting opening West Africa leaders’ and pastors’ eyes to see the value of mentoring. May the Lord keep moving in the region so this mentoring process covers the whole region for his glory.

Rene Mbongo

Former West Africa Director, Partners International

The most attractive aspect of MentorLink’s vision is its strong emphasis on spirituality, a genuine heart to serve, befriend, support and encourage other people to walk more closely with the Lord, in His terms rather than ours.

Gina Bulica


MentorLink Brings:

  • Proven strategy for developing mentoring movements
  • A team to serve national leaders
  • Focus on Jesus’ method of leadership development
  • Adaptable transformational training material
  • Intercessory prayer training and teams
  • Web assisted mentoring tools in multiple languages
  • Train and release strategy
  • Additional networks and relationships
  • Gifted people
  • Expertise in culture and language
  • Resources for the mentoring movement
  • Desire and commitment to help build a mentoring movement

A partnership of leaders and ministries makes up the DNA that is the mainstay of the MentorLink International global movement. Most of our key participants derive no salary or financial return from this ministry. Their focus is faithfulness to God’s call to work in community for the glory of Jesus, not individual credit. As a result more leaders are being developed quickly and effectively.

If you are interested in a partnership or in helping accelerate partnerships, contact us at: info@MentorLink.org