Peer Mentoring

What is Peer Mentoring?

When individuals at the same level of life experience intentionally speak into one another’s lives in a relationship of mutual accountability and encouragement, with the purpose of growing together in Christlikeness.

Want to see Peer Mentoring in action? Watch the video below!

Why should Pastors Mentor Pastors?

Pastoral attrition and failure are on the upswing. Often without anyone with whom they can share transparently, and believing they must maintain an image of “having it all together,” many pastors become discouraged and isolate themselves from others.

Pastor peer mentoring groups can meet this need as pastors share their hearts with one another, pray for one another, and speak encouragement into one another’s lives. Everyone needs mentors, even pastors! We invite all pastors to seek out peers with whom they can walk the often lonely journey of life and ministry.

Why do you need to be mentored/mentor? Watch the video below and hear from long time mentor and ministry partner, Herman Moldez as he answers all of your questions!

Want to start today?

Jesus’ ways are to be our ways. The focus is on changing leaders from the inside-out and on the leader’s character and heart. Five values shifts needed for leaders who want to move away from leading in the ways of the flesh to leading more like Jesus.

The materials below, along with other resources freely available on this website, can be tools to help guide peer mentoring conversations:

This resource will help believers identify and deal with false leaders, provide New Testament teaching about false leaders that has international input and affirmation, provide a humble, principled, self-reflective, and discerning approach to this topic, and calls leaders to faithful Christ-focused leadership.

A simple, yet profound description of true spiritual leadership in ten aspirational statements with Scripture passages. Includes curriculumdevotional and discussion guide, and a reflection questions for personal or group use. **This resource is being used in the Peer Mentoring Conversation above**

Originally developed for the Filipino Church, this resource allows the reader to take a slower, contemplative approach to meditating on the main points of the Leader’s Covenant. 

This 12 video series will encourage, inspire, and challenge participants as they learn how to use the Leader’s Covenant in their daily lives and ministries. Each video combines the affirmations from the Leader’s Covenant with compelling testimonies from around the world, and questions to encourage reflection and application. 

Leading Like Jesus is the combination of three proven resources developed and refined for international use. These three resources are: The Transformational Values, The Leader’s Covenant, and The Leader’s Covenant Discussion Guide. Leading Like Jesus is designed to be used in small, peer-mentoring, discussion groups for pastors and ther ministry leaders.