Lead Like Jesus

Welcome to the Global Mentoring Project. Delegates to the Cape Town 2010 Congress and others in the Lausanne Movement are able to use this in their own mentoring and ministries. Even if you have no connection to the Lausanne Movement, feel free to use these mentoring materials.

Our goal is to serve you as you grow to be more like Jesus in the way you lead and develop other leaders. We believe the Jesus-way of developing leaders is in the context of mentoring relationships centered on the person of Jesus.

If you need to find a mentor or mentor group, please register in English. There are also other mentoring resources available once you register – but only if you register. If you would like to offer to translate other materials, please contact us at: info@MentorLink.org.
如果你想找到一个属灵导师或属灵指导小组,请用英文名字注册,只有在注册之后才会有许多的属灵导师资源可供使用。如果你想帮助翻译Mentorlink 的其他材料成为中文,请与我们联络:info@MentorLink.org.

Currently, the materials below are available for download. We encourage you to use and pass these around to your colleagues.

We suggest you form your own Mentor Group of 4-6 people with one serving as the group facilitator. Read the Orientations before you begin. Use the Leaders Follow Jesus materials to steer your preparation and discussion for each mentor group session.
我们建议你组织一个4到6人的属灵指导小组, 在你们中间找一位作协调的工作。开始小组前请事先阅读简介, 然后,使用跟随耶稣的领袖简介去引导你们的预备及每一次聚会时的讨论。

Be sure to check back to this site to see if there are other materials translated.