Understanding The MentorLink Institute

Orientation Materials To Help You Get Started

Whether you register as a Mentee or a Mentor there is information specifically for you in your orientation materials. Your self-guided orientation will help you understand the process and expectations with ideas, tips, and helpful information. We do not charge for the materials, and we expect the mentors and partners to provide this service without cost to the mentees.

Click here to download the Mentor Orientation Manual
Click here to download the Mentee Orientation Manual

Real Kingdom Leaders Follow Jesus As Their Model

Laying A Foundation For Leadership

Every Mentoring Group initially starts with “Leaders Follow Jesus” as the focus of its group sessions. It consists of 6 sessions that lay the groundwork for the additional mentoring materials that are available to those participating in the MentorLink Institute.

Click here to download the Leaders Follow Jesus: Mentee Module
Click here to download the Leaders Follow Jesus: Mentor Process Guide

Session 1 – Marks of Effective Christian Leadership
Session 2 – Commitment to Building God’s Kingdom
Session 3 – Commitment to a Grace Environment
Session 4 – Commitment to Servant Leadership
Session 5 – Commitment to Partnership and Community
Session 6 – Commitment to Intentionally Mentoring Leaders

Additional MentorLink Modules For MentorLink Institute Groups

These are for groups who want to go further in their journey of leading like Jesus and developing others to do the same. These modules follow the same format as the “Leaders Follow Jesus” module above. Each has six sessions. In addition to the Mentee Module, there is a Mentor Process Guide for the person facilitating the group.

Click on titles below to download Mentee Modules and Mentor Process Guides.

Build Grace Environments

Gain a deeper understanding of the depth and riches of the Gospel of grace and its application in how you treat others.

Build His Kingdom

Jesus came preaching the Kingdom. Explore the difference between building for the Kingdom and a leader building for his own empire.

Collaborate as Leaders

Explore developing a practice of leading and mentoring within the context of partnership and community.

Lead in Light of Eternity

Help in aligning your life and leadership in the light of standing before Jesus to Whom you will give an account.

Leaders Abide in Jesus

Explore the necessity of a leader abiding in Christ and nurturing an abiding lifestyle.

Lead Like Jesus

The model of leadership in the world is clear, discover how Jesus calls His followers to a different model of leadership for the Kingdom.