Leader’s Covenant Curriculum

This “Leading Like Jesus” curriculum was designed and compiled for teachers and administrators of the Amharic Bible Schools in Ethiopia in August 2015. It is based on the Leader’s Covenant which was developed by MentorLink International as a response to the global crisis of leadership in the Church.

The purpose of this curriculum is two-fold: (1) to help the participants themselves become more like Jesus in the way they lead, and (2) to help the participants facilitate the learning of others to become more like Jesus in the way they lead.

Suggestions for using this curriculum

  • This curriculum follows a “learning centered” approach that relies strongly on oral discussion between learners organized in small groups (4-6, and no more than 8).
  • There are ten major lessons based on the Leader’s Covenant materials, with multiple activities within each lesson.
  • A case study or story is provided to initiate an activity, often with a question carefully designed to challenge learners to deeper reflection and thinking about an issue.
  • Learners then respond and share their thoughts in pairs, followed by a whole group discussion, Scripture reading and application.