I Will Develop Leaders

“And he [Jesus] said to all, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.’”

We want to see believers running after Jesus, denying their own wants and desires, carrying the beautiful yoke and calling of ministry, and following Jesus’ example in all parts of life. One of our resources, the Leader’s Covenant, is a fantastic example of Luke 9:23 fleshed out. This particular resource is designed to provide a form of accountability to leaders. The Covenant itself, available in 9 languages, contains 10 statements a leader promises to uphold within their ministry regarding service, making disciples, seeking the Lord, stewarding money, etc. There are also five resources to help participants apply and teach the Leader’s Covenant, a curriculum, a discussion guide, Leading Like Jesus (for peer mentoring), reflection questions, and a video series.

All Leader’s Covenant resources are free to access and use and we pray they will be! Accepting Jesus’ teaching is one thing, but to follow him daily and “take up your cross” is a challenge that we need daily encouragement through.

(Above, Leader’s Covenant seminar in Chennai, India. About half of the participants posed for a photo, while waiting their turn for lunch)

We recently received an update from one of our partners in India, Sam Sunder Singh. He has been using the Leader’s Covenant resource himself, after translating it into Tamil, through his ministry to pastors and teachers. In his email, Sam wrote about the seminars that were conducted for the leadership in various churches. In the first seminar, about 60 pastors joined Sam for this conference! He saw God working in the hearts of these leaders as they learned more about living and leading like Jesus. Sam currently has four more seminars lined up for the future, as it was so successful!

Personal testimonies are encouraging to us here at MentorLink as we see our resources being put into practice, but even more encouraging as they allow us to hear about more and more following the practice of Leading Like Jesus.


For more information about the Leader’s Covenant, click here.