Shining God’s Light in Ghana

MentorLink International is pleased to announce a new ministry partner, Vineyard Media & Training Services (VMTS) – an indigenous Christian media organization committed to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through audio-visual productions across diverse language and regional boundaries.


VMTS intends to incorporate Days with Jesus into their current vision to train church leaders across Africa toward the achievement of the Great Commission.

Their goal is to have all five of the Days with Jesus discipleship tools translated into 12 languages. Learn more about the people Vineyard Media is reaching by clicking these links: Asante Twi, Dagbanli, Deg, Ewe, Ga, Gonja, Gurenne, Kasem, Konkomba, Kusaal, Likoonl, and Sisaala.

We have an increased need for funding DWJ languages. Our current partnerships for new languages is outpacing our funding at this point. 

How can you help?


  • Pray with us. We value your prayers. For our production team, for our ministry partners, for the deployment and distribution of this material. Ask the Father to use this resource to introduce people to Jesus and grow in their love and knowledge of who He is.
  • Help Take DWJ to Ghana. There are real financial costs associated with producing DWJ in new languages. Find out ways you can help financially.
  • Spread the Word. Tell others about DWJ! Do you know of any individuals or churches who might want to undertake sponsoring a language? Introduce them to this powerful resource.
  • Sponsor a Language. Consider sponsoring one of these languages. The current cost to produce DWJ in a new language is $5,000.