The Vision Is Simple

Following the model of Christ with His disciples, our vision is to help develop leaders to lead like Jesus led. Leaders like this are not mass-produced, but they can be mentored.

Being a part of a Mentor Group will change your life and your ministry.

Think of it, a small group of peers and a facilitator all with a heart to lead like Jesus. The discussion, interaction and insights develop leadership character that takes root in your heart. Whether you are looking for a spiritual mentor or want to serve as a mentor, the focus of a Mentor Group is on character and heart with transformation from the inside-out.

Ready for a taste of mentoring? Be a part of a Mentor Group.

We will assist in putting together mentors with a group of 3 or 4 mentees. Each Mentor Group will have a mentor who will facilitate a 6-session process with materials titled, “Leaders Follow Jesus.” This material will focus the discussion of the each session of your first Mentor Group. The six sessions are:

•  Marks of Effective Christian Leadership

•  Commitment to Building God’s Kingdom

•  Commitment to a Grace Environment

•  Commitment to Servant Leadership

•  Commitment to Partnership and Community

•  Commitment to Intentionally Mentor Leaders

When you apply to be a mentee or a mentor, we will place you in a mentor group based on a number of factors that include nationality, language, gender and age.

The MentorLink Institute seeks mentors who affirm the Transformational Values. Accepted mentors will complete an orientation and are assigned a Mentor Group.

Go to the Process to see how Mentor Groups work.

See the Transformational Values.