Becoming a Member of a Mentor Group

An Unprecedented Opportunity.

You can connect with other followers of Christ who also want to learn and grow as leaders. In your group, you will work through issues of heart and character for leading in a Christ-centered way. The principles you will learn about leading like Jesus will transform your life and ministry to others.

Accepting The Challenge

Participating in a Mentor Group is not hard, but it does require faith to sign-up and faithfulness to complete the process. Our goal is two-fold: first to help you learn how to lead like Jesus through your experience in a group and second to prepare you to start a Mentor Group of your own. A small, safe group of fellow-learners and emerging leaders with a facilitating mentor is key to growth as a leader. And while you are being mentored you will learn to be a mentor!

Becoming A Mentee – A Mentor Group Member

Read through the Transformational Values. Everyone in a Mentor Group affirms these values.
Once you have signed up, been approved and finished the self-guided the Mentee Orientation, you will be assigned to a Mentor Group that will have a mentor and 4-6 mentees. It is the responsibility of the mentor to contact you and the other mentees to find a suitable time for the Mentor Group to meet for all 6 sessions.

You will receive a copy of the Mentee version, “Leaders Follow Jesus.” Your role will be to finish the preparation for each session prior to the Mentor Group’s meeting. The Mentor will facilitate the discussion of each session.

To help you succeed we provide a number of resources to serve you.

• Self-guided Mentee Orientation – download the PDF.

• Mentor Group members materials, “Leaders Follow Jesus – Mentee Guide”.

• A mentor who will facilitate the Mentor Group Process and connect the group.

• We will e-mail you a series of 9 e-mails designed to give additional help, tips and resource links.

• Our website will have additional helps.

The Cost Of Being A Mentee

We do not charge for the materials and your mentor will not charge for his time. But there are real costs. Dying to self to grow in Christ is costly. Your time is costly. Then some will choose to part of what we call a “Distance Mentor Group”. Many in the Distance Mentor Group will have Skype or some other free telephone service. But some in Distance Mentor Groups will not have Skype or even reliable internet service for Skype conference calls. In this case, the mentor may have to call you on your cell phone to connect.

Perhaps you will have a face-to-face mentor group. Great! This is ideal. Still, there will be costs in traveling to a location where your group can meet – perhaps on the other side of the city or a neighboring town.

Your Next Step To Becoming A Mentee

Contact MentorLink to register by emailing