Facilitating A Mentor Group

Recognize The Need

Out of the explosive growth of evangelism worldwide, leaders are emerging who want to grow. They seek what is often hard to find – someone who wants God’s best for them. It could be that the Lord is leading you to make a difference in the lives of a few of these men or women.

The Challenge

Many who could be mentors are not because they don’t know what to do or where to begin. Our goal is to help you be a successful facilitator of a Mentor Group for the MentorLink Institute. It is not hard, but it does require faith, faithfulness and a servant’s heart.

Our process is designed to help you become an effective Christ-centered Mentor who leads like Jesus led. To begin, first participate in a mentor group in the Institute. Then go through the Mentor Orientation.

Becoming A Mentor

Read through the Transformational Values. Mentors affirm these values.

Once you have registered, been approved and finished the self-guided Mentor Orientation, you will be assigned 3-4 mentees (Mentor Group members). It is your responsibility as the mentor to contact these mentees and find a suitable time for all in your Mentor Group to meet for all 6 sessions.

Your mentees will have already received a copy of the Mentee Resource Guide, “Leaders Follow Jesus.” Your role will be to follow the Mentor Process Guide as you facilitate the discussion of each session.

We provide a number of resources to help you serve your Mentor Group:

•  Self-guided Mentee Orientation – download the PDF.

•  Mentor Group members materials, “Leaders Follow Jesus “Mentee Resource Guide”.

•  Mentor’s “Leaders Follow Jesus” Guide.

•  You will receive a series of 14 emails designed to give additional help, tips and resource links.

•  A 6-session small group mentor orientation on Skype.

•  Our website will have additional helps.

The Cost Of Being A Mentor

We do not charge for the materials. You will not charge for your time. But there are real costs. Dying to self to serve another is costly. Your time is costly. Some mentors will need to facilitate what we call a “Distance Mentor Group”. Many in the Distance Mentor Group will have Skype or some other free telephone service. But some in Distance Mentor Groups will not have Skype or even reliable internet service for Skype conference calls. In this case, you the mentor may have to call the individual on his or her cell phone to connect.

Perhaps you will choose to have a face-to-face mentor group. Great! This is the ideal situation. Still, there will be costs in traveling to a location where your group can meet – perhaps on the other side of the city or a neighboring town.

As you can see, these costs are insignificant compared to the impact you can make. All the “stuff” around us is temporary – people are eternal. By following the model of Christ and giving of yourself you can help change the world!

Becoming A Mentor

To become a Mentor in the MentorLink Institute you must first experience the process and the content as a Mentee. You may register as a Mentee and participate in a mentoring group by contacting us. The Mentor of your group will help you become a Mentor. Each mentoring group session is only 6-weeks long, so within a few weeks, you can qualify to become a Mentor.