Become A Partner Organization

A Pivotal Point In Time For Developing Leaders

Building Christ-centered leaders who take to heart the teaching of Jesus on leaders and leading in His Kingdom is not new. What is amazing to us, however, is that the younger leaders all over the world see the need to be in a mentoring relationship of some kind so they can grow and develop as leaders.

Within your organization, you know seasoned believers who can easily qualify as Mentors. We invite Partners to work where God is working by providing mentors to the MentorLink Institute.

The Partner Process

Read through the Transformational Values – all Partners affirm these values.
Recommend individuals in your organization to become Mentors in the MentorLink Institute. Partners may also recommend other Kingdom-minded organizations to apply to become Partners. We encourage the key leaders in a Partner organization to apply as a Mentor as well – this provides first-hand experience in the process.

We provide a number of resources to help you succeed:

Partner inquiries can be sent to

The Cost Of Being A Partner

We do not charge for the materials, and we expect the mentors and partners to provide this service without cost to the mentees as well. The real cost is the time invested in recommending Mentors and the few hours of time they invest in emerging leaders. However, the benefits are priceless! It is the process of changing lives while gaining additional field training in developing leaders who lead like Jesus.

Becoming A Partner

Becoming a Partner is a simple process. The role of a Partner in the MentorLink Institute is vital and therefore reserved for qualified individuals and organizations. We would like to get to know you before you become a Partner. Send us an email by clicking here to request becoming a Partner. Tell us who you are, and a little about your background and/or organization.