Leader’s Covenant and Study Guide

Originally developed for a course taught in Toronto, Canada, this Leader’s Covenant and Study Guide takes the reader through each of the ten statements of the Leader’s Covenant at a slower pace and allows him to reflect on each point individually.

This study guide is designed both for personal reflection and group discussion, and allows participants a deeper grasp of the Leader’s Covenant and practical application of each of its ten key statements.

To download as a printable booklet (format for duplex printing), click here.

Here are some suggestions concerning how to use this tool:

  • Be sure to make consistent prayer a key part of the process. Only the Holy Spirit can produce life change; we must depend on Him.
  • When meeting with a person using the Leader’s Covenant, work with the person and/or small group focusing on 4 key questions for each of the 10 statements.
  • Create an actual tracking document to record the necessary set of steps with measureable actions and specific timelines.