Worldwide Need

There is a critical shortage of Christ-like leaders today…

For over a decade, strategies focused on evangelism and church-planting have produced millions of new believers worldwide.

However, there was no parallel effort equipping shepherds for these new flocks. The result: a shortage of leaders increasing with each passing day. For example, in Medellin, Colombia there are thousands of Christian communities without Christ-like shepherds to lead them.

This is just one city in one country on one continent. The gap is global – and growing. The time is now to close it by focusing on leadership development built on the innovative and highly adaptable strategy of Jesus Himself.

MentorLink International has returned to Jesus’ way of developing leaders. Christ’s strategy was to multiply Himself in key leaders. In turn, they multiplied Christ-like leadership principles and practices within established networks wherever they went. The missionary teams led by Peter, Paul, Philip and Barnabas quickly raised up local shepherds who created leadership communities to shepherd their flocks. Then they reached out into the surrounding areas. The result: a leveraged movement which encompassed the Roman Empire in a very short time.

MentorLink’s strategy of partnerships and equip and release practices comes straight from Jesus Christ’s pattern. We are invited by key leaders to become a partner in networks already at work in countries or regions. In the context of Spirit-directed mentoring relationships, we impart transformational leadership development to known and respected leaders. This synergy moves quickly along relational lines through local leaders who mentor others. The final outcome is not only vibrant communities with Christ-like leaders but a renewed sense of mission to take the model to neighboring regions or nations.

Like it did in the days of Jesus and the apostles this leveraged ministry strategy is yielding exponential results in a very short time.

How can under-shepherds who have the heart of the Good Shepherd be grown? From the inside-out. We have seen a character-transformation model passed on in caring mentoring relationships foster the heart of Jesus in pastors. They live and lead like Jesus and catch the vision to multiply leaders in the way that Jesus did.

At MentorLink we are committed to a leadership process that includes:

  • Character Development and Life Transformation
  • Guidance in forming partnerships to further leadership development movements
  • High tech, high touch follow-up in establishing leadership communities

We have nations waiting for us to assist them in equipping Christ-like leaders for their young churches. To answer their call, we need your help!