New Resource in Lingala!

We are very excited to share another update with you, this one two-prong! One of our partners, Abraham Mudidi, works with a global outreach team for church planting. Abraham’s Church Health and Church Planting Ministry has been heavily involved and very busy in the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa (in central Africa).

Not only has Abraham been involved with planting churches and discipling believers in Kinshasa, but he has also helped us by translating Days with Jesus into Lingala. We are always excited for our resources to be translated into other languages, as they can be used even more widely! Lingala is a language spoken primarily in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but it is also spoken in the northern region of the Republic of the Congo, by more than 10 million people.

Abraham is planning to use Days with Jesus as one of the tools for discipling and mentoring people involved in the Kinshasa City Team Ministries. In the past month his team has completed spiritual training on discipleship (learning about prayer, the Church, and the Bible), how to plant and grow healthy churches, and applying Biblical truth to the process of church planting. They also were able to work through a Bible Study where over 3,000 people heard the Word of God!

“Some of the participants openly recognized that they were ignoring biblical truth and trying to grow their church in their own strength and wisdom…They learned how making disciples biblically will help create healthy churches. The participants were so excited and they eagerly decided to change as they discovered that most of the churches in Kinshasa are unhealthy.”

We are so thankful for Abraham’s partnership, aid in translating Days with Jesus, and so thankful to the Lord for His mighty work in Kinshasa! Disciples are being made, and with that, healthy Church leaders. We are so grateful to hear updates like these and be able to encourage you by sharing them!

See the new resource here: Days with Jesus: Lingala