Instituting Change

Rwanda – MentorLink Institute graduate, Bosco Ruhinda, has shared how he is expanding his mentoring strategy throughout his home country. Through his nonprofit, Bosco is helping to make better education options available to underserved families. The parents of the children selected to attend are also encouraged to enroll in classes. Bosco has also been training community leaders to teach these classes and is using the MentorLink Institute module Leaders Follow Jesus. This module covers topics such as how to build grace-filled environments, servant leadership, and how to mentor. These community leaders, and parents are shown biblical examples that are changing hearts, minds, and whole communities.

Cameroon – In July, our partner Benvictor held two trainings on leadership and mentoring. The first, held at the beginning of the month, included marketplace and church leaders from his local community. The second was done in partnership with another mission in Cameroon and teachers and education directors from all over the country came to receive training on trauma and leadership.  He writes, ” The stories of transformation shared were very both humbling and encouraging. Thank God for the prayer support.”

Kazakhstan – Our partner is nearing completion of the Russian translation of the False Leaders Resource. This is a tool to help believers identify and deal with false leaders, provide New Testament teaching about false leaders that has international input and affirmation, provide a humble, principled, self-reflective, and discerning approach to this topic, and call leaders to faithful Christ-focused leadership. Please pray with us for the final draft and the implications for churches in Russian-speaking countries.