Follow Up: DWJ Group in Nigeria

We recently featured Ada’s ministry of mentoring women using Days with Jesus in this article. Now, a few months later, we are revisiting Ada’s story.

At the recent MLI Africa Gathering, Ada shared about her on-going ministry of mentoring women using Days with Jesus. She shared how she continues to use WhatsApp to distribute Days with Jesus among her network, and how she is encouraging each participant to also start her own mentor/discipleship groups.


In talking with others about Days with Jesus, Ada found a need for DWJ in Fon-gbe, the main language spoken in Benin, with nearly 1.7 million speakers. She is spearheading a team to work on the translations and audio recordings and hopes to use DWJ Fon-gbe as a discipleship tool among several recently-baptized new believers (shown below).


Want to help fund DWJ Fon-gbe? Or be part of the prayer team covering the entire process – from translation work to distribution?