The I AM Series

In this twelve-segment video series, you will have a chance to examine seven staggering statements Jesus makes in the Gospel of John, and consider how His statements are relevant to you today.

Who is this series for?

  • Anyone who is curious about who Jesus is
  • Any follower of Jesus who wants to go deeper into what Jesus’ statements mean for them
  • Any group of people who would like to discuss Jesus’ claims.

How could you use it?

  • You can use it for your own personal understanding and growth
  • You can play it on your mobile phone and use each statement as a discussion topic with some of your friends
  • You can get a group of friends together to discuss the meanings of each “I AM” statement

Ways to view

We pray this will be an enlightening and even life-changing journey for you as you explore Jesus’ seven I AM statements.

Episode 1: Introduction to the I AM Series John 6:1-15:1-7
Episode 2: I AM the Bread of Life – Part One John 6:1-13
Episode 3: I AM the Bread of Life – Part Two John 6:27-40
Episode 4: I AM the Light of the World – Part One John 8:12-16; 9:1-12
Episode 5: I AM the Light of the World – Part Two John 9:13-41
Episode 6: I AM the Gate John 10:1-10
Episode 7: I AM the Good Shepherd John 10:11-18
Episode 8: I AM the Resurrection and Life – Part One John 11:1-16
Episode 9: I AM the Resurrection and Life – Part Two John 11:17-45
Episode 10: I AM the Way, Truth and Life John 13:33-14:7
Episode 11: I AM the True Vine John 15:1-17
Episode 12: Review of the I AM Series John 6:1-15:17