Why Partner with MentorLink?

We do together what no one of us can do alone…

Creation and redemption flow from the mysterious partnership of the Triune God. From ancient times, God invited faithful men and women to join with the Trinity to accomplish His Kingdom work.

All of His partnerships were unique: some involved a single person, others entire nations; at times His instrument was a mighty king or scholar, other times it was a migrant farm worker or odd desert hermit.

The Lord deliberately set a pattern before us to emulate – joining together with others so that what is accomplished is exceedingly more than we could ever ask or think or do alone.

Following God’s lead, MentorLink began as a conversation with other ministries in casting a vision and continues as we share resources of gifted individuals and leader networks. This cooperative DNA has taken us to multiple continents and, we believe, it will take us to the ends of the earth.