Stories from the Field


The church is experiencing explosive growth. Two million new believers and 15,000 new churches in one year. One church leader stated, “Rapid leadership development is critical for India.” Another commented, “In the front door, out the back.” People are falling through the cracks because of a lack of trained pastors. Please continue to pray and give financially. This past year 1,000 pastors were trained to mentor others. Pray for continued rapid leadership development.


Romanian MentorLink leaders have reached out to Moldova. A young Moldovian leader had this to say about the MentorLink training, “I was overwhelmed by the honesty and vulnerability which you displayed… God has shown me where I have been mistaken and what attitude I should have toward my disciples and also toward myself.”


One of our main initiatives is our nationwide Life In Leading/Arrow. This ongoing, mentoring program is training for young leaders, ages 25-40. Pray for continued blessings through transformed lives.


We have continued mentoring individuals in small groups with considerable results. Multiplication of leaders through mentoring is now at work, not just an idea. We see this happening among women, among pastors, and among lay leaders in churches.


Hilda Sánchez is mentoring eight women, each of them are mentoring at least four women. Now for their monthly gathering around 70 women attend. They are training to become leaders in their churches and community.