MentorLink Brazil – Learning and Praying Together

We recently received the following report from Fábio and Ericka Menezes, our partners with MentorLink Brazil. They, in partnership with Pedro Hernández and Manuel Reaño, recently held The Pastors Seminar October 5th – 11th. It was planned and organized in partnership between CPCI and Mentorlink International.

“We prayerfully intended it to be a time in which those who lead the flock of the Lord would be ministered to and cared for. A time to be at the table with peers, to share experiences, struggles, accomplishments and what God has spoken to their hearts, as hearts were drawn closer and friendships were generated.

We had 119 registered participants. Of these, 90 were pastors, 23 missionaries and 6 seminarians. We encouraged the participation of women in ministry – wives, pastors, missionaries, since they are an important part of their congregations and pastoral families. To our joy and delight, we had 43 women. An excellent number!

We had leaders from 11 cities, 2 provinces, 2 pastoral organizations, represented by their presidents and 32 different denominations.

“We worked together to generate an atmosphere of trust, love, and care…”

On the last day of the Seminar, at the end of the event, we honored the pastors, missionaries and wives. We presented gifts to all who participated in the event, especially to our speakers, who were the instruments that God used to encourage and instruct us with His Word.

We also raffled books, day outings in hotels and other gifts, so that pastoral families can enjoy some time off.

We worked to generate an atmosphere of trust, love and care, with the purpose of making the ones present at the event feel comfortable, loved and important by serving the King and His people.