Covenant Leaders in India

As you invest in and learn more about MentorLink, you’ll find that each of our team members and global partners has found their “niche,” so to speak. We have a variety of resources designed to engage leaders and teach them more about leadership that follows Christ’s example.

Looking at the inspired Scripture of 1 and 2 Timothy, we see that part of this teaching involves equipping church leadership. The Leader’s Covenant is designed to keep teachers, pastors, and other ministry leaders accountable to leading like Jesus did. Sam Sunder Singh, one of our global partners, has found a great calling in using the Leader’s Covenant resource to host seminars throughout India. In January, he hosted a seminar in Thirumazisai with 65 pastors, their wives, and other ministry leaders, the following week he visited Coimbatore, India, and mentored 69 pastors in multiple sessions!

Sam’s recount of the seminars has us praising God. He writes, “Though it was planned to conduct the seminar for all the pastors, they organized themselves and decided to invite only the area leaders so that they could learn and go back to their respective places and teach the same to the pastors in their teams.” Sam ended up making copies of the Leader’s Covenant booklet in Tamil to give to these pastors for their own teaching sessions. He recounts the emotional time in prayer, where many pastors openly confessed their failure to lead like Jesus and their commitment to following Him in the future.

We see a great chain reaction here. It only takes the commitment of one godly person to train another, for that person to begin his own mentoring process. Because of Sam’s willingness to hold these seminars, many of these pastors are being mentored and going to start teaching others as well. Praise God for the fulfillment of His will!