Mentoring Women

Our faith is strengthened daily when we hear good news of God’s kingdom growing and learning! And this is why we love to share this information with you as well. We could not do what we do at MentorLink without you- and we wish for your faith to be strengthened and resolved through encouraging words like this.

Ada Babajide, a graduate of MentorLink Institute and a long-time mentor and trainer in Nigeria and Benin, recently held a conference for pastors on leadership development. Ada says that this event was held by EPEM ministries for 22 pastors. The primary leader of this event even asked for it to be rescheduled when 10 of the pastors could not make it for various reasons. He thought the content to be too valuable for that many to miss it! Ada writes, “The two days meeting was enlightening for them as such content in leadership development is rare. They are very excited and want the training to extend to their branches in other francophone countries.” Completing this and other MentorLink training would help give MentorLink national and regional access to other churches under his support!

Ada notes in her letter that, “God will perfect the further details.” The leader at EPEM showed great faith in our content and God’s direction when he requested it to be rescheduled. We are having faith that God will use a politician to further the spread of the Gospel and leadership charges in Scripture.

Here at MentorLink, some of our favorite correspondence is from brand-new mentors who are excited to start discipling. Their stories bring us such encouragement! 

Recently, we heard from a dear sister in Christ named Huldah. She lives in Kenya and has participated in the MentorLink Institute and Passing It On! trainings through a local, growing church.

Huldah has been discipled herself and is now starting her own group to mentor. She travels over 5.5 miles on foot to access the internet and check her email. Huldah shared with us that she started her group of 6 on Passing It On! and Lead Like Jesus. She is using her own copies to teach and lead the group. Huldah shared her excitement for people to understand that God is the only Savior and that He will “save human lives and souls by spreading truth about the kingdom of God.” She asked specifically for prayer in this new venture of leading her own group, for God to open up ways for easier communication, and for her to be able to provide resources for each member of her group, as well as Bibles, in their native languages of Kiswahili.

Thank you for being a part of this. Your support, time, resources, and prayers are showing your faith in this ministry and how God will use it in the future!