Mentoring and Training in Nigeria

We recently received an email from Bami Betiku, a partner working in Nigeria, who recently taught Passing it On! at a staff and laborers retreat.

There were 25 people in attendance and they showed great involvement and interest in the material. It was so successful, Bami has scheduled a Leader’s Covenant seminar to happen virtually in the near future. He has also begun mentoring one of the attendees!

Additionally, Bami was able to assist two young men who were going to be kicked out of their home. Not only did he help them financially, but he followed up, and started to take them through a course dedicated to important principles of finances.

This is a great representation of biblical principles in action!

This story brought a chain reaction of encouragement. We are so grateful to see God using MentorLink resources to reach out to others around the world, and we are grateful to see so many people who have been mentored (like Bami!) turn around and begin to mentor others in Christ-like fashion. Praise be to God.