French to Fong Be

Recently, we received updates from one of our ministry partners, Ada Babajide. She is providing testimony to the fruits of discipleship and putting in the time and effort! We are so grateful to hear from Ada how God is changing hearts and using MentorLink’s resources to do so.

36 Baptist church leaders attended her recent training in Alladah, in the Atlantique region. Ada writes, “More than eighty percent of the attendees were only fluent in Fong Be language, so they could not read the French documents provided. We spent a long time translating the material into Fong Be, which is a tonal and descriptive language. It was exciting seeing their eyes light up as they worked on the assessments.

The participants were enthusiastic during the sessions and have a great resolve to seek to become effective leaders.  They also committed to starting mentor groups right away using the Days with Jesus videos in Fong Be, and have a WhatsApp group set up for encouragement and accountability.

These church leaders have committed to fund the translation of Passing it On! into Fong Be!

Praise God! This is a fantastic example to us of how fruitful it is to invest time, energy, and careful detail into the discipleship process! From the careful translation, to the handouts, to the follow-up and discussion afterwards, we are so thankful for Ada and these attendees for putting Jesus’ charge into action. We are sowers and waterers, and God yields the increase.