Institute Graduates at Work Around the World

Over the years we have been able to share the exciting stories of those who have attended or graduated from the MentorLink Institute. They have gone on to start dozens of groups in their homes, churches, and countries that have extended to groups beyond that.

Those that start their own groups may use both Passing it On! as well as the different MentorLink Institute modules. We are in the process of providing West African French translations of both. Will you join us in prayer for these translations?

In Rwanda, our partner, Derrick Bayingana, has taken 8 church and ministry leaders through the module Lead Like Jesus, after they completed the first module, Leaders Follow Jesus!

Evans Borea, our partner in Kenya who walks an hour each way to an internet cafe to download and print the MentorLink resources he uses in his church and discipleship groups, has started a 15th MentorLink Institute group this year, taking them through both Passing it On! and Leaders Follow Jesus.

Will you pray with us for these Institute graduates, and the others like them who are mentoring and raising up mentors around the world?