Generations of Mentors

MentorLink Institute exists to develop leaders who lead like Jesus lead, who will, in turn, develop generations of leaders who Lead like Jesus.

One of our partners, and a MentorLink Institute graduate, Ada Babajide, has been faithfully mentoring and training mentors in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as surrounding countries. Ada has been using different MentorLink Institute modules with great yield, and recently shared several testimonies from participants about how God is working in their hearts and lives!


“The module [commitment to a grace environment] taught [me] that there is a higher calling than ‘fairness’ and that is grace…In general, I am learning to be thoughtful of my daily actions so that I reflect Christ. Because to build his Kingdom, I must consciously and intentionally have it as my focus…The importance of servant leadership as discussed in session 4 was also very eye opening. Jesus came to serve and has showed that example to us and I am working on finding ways in my daily life to be of service and not expect to be served.” -Bimpe


“By God’s grace, I value people  more and I am a lot more conscious of the impact my leadership could have on them. I am a lot more committed to building men even as I align my purpose to be united with Christ, so His will and purpose becomes mine.” -Ree

Unintentionally, I have committed more to building God’s kingdom in a non-legacy way [rather] than legacy, which is the very desire of Jesus’ heart. Learning Jesus’ Strategies by starting from my home with my kids and those around me to deliberately allow my focus to be on Christ, thereby mentoring them unconsciously… In my earlier days, I was probably zealous without knowledge, but as knowledge began to come gradually, may my zeal for God increase in Jesus’ name. Amen.” -Angela

“What I learnt is that I should intentionally help people to become what God wants him, her, or them to be.” -Chika

“The module brought to the fore the simple but effective leadership style of Jesus; showing us the importance of healthy relationships in discipleship. Jesus worked and walked with his disciples, teaching them with his words, actions, and being, the ways to build God’s kingdom…I am constantly reminded to relate graciously and not critically. I’m still learning and evolving to be the person and leader Jesus wants me to be.” -Modupe


Praise God for His working in Ada and in each one of her new mentees as well. We are grateful for the power of testimony and we hope you will join us in prayer for these brothers and sisters in Christ to continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord!