Adapting for Fruit

Based on 5 core values of Jesus, Passing it On! is traditionally a 2-5 day seminar that helps leaders move from leading in the flesh toward leading more like Jesus. Developed by our partners from multiple cultures and ministry backgrounds, and refined by use in 46+ nations, this seminar helps people acquire the heart, attitudes, motives and character of a true Christ-centered leader.

Recently, our partner in India, Sujoy Gurung, shared how he is adapting Passing It On! for his sixty-member group, to be completed over the course of the year, in workshops. He says, “People are more accustomed to the traditional format of doing church and there is no discipleship at all. So, we are doing very gradual work for the transformation and trying to build Jesus’s model of Transformative Leadership for a long-term goal. Still, God is gracious, and we are working hard to facilitate this model and hoping some day we will bear fruits by the help of the Holy Spirit.”

In his words, “the content is taking momentum!”

This is why we do what we do! Praise God for people like Sujoy and many others who desire to unify the body and grow believers unto Christ!