Around the World with MentorLink

Kenya – Evans Borea has been using MentorLink resources such as Passing It On! to help train his church in ther remote village. Evans does not own a cell phone or have access to the internet, so he travels over an hour away where he can gain internet access at a cafe. There, he prints materials for his congregation. Evans’ dedication, leadership, and teaching has blessed so many others in his village, and now, his church has grown from 24 members to 63! The Lord is working in the hearts of many leaders like Evans and is blessing others through them!

India – Sujoy Gurung from Sikkim, the Himalyan state of India emailed us this month, to share how God is changing hearts and minds in India. He says, “I came across your resources Passing it On! at Ramesh Richard Global Congress in Bangkok in 2016. Since then I have been using your powerful resources to train and equip local churches, small groups, and next generation leaders.” He is involved in coaching, mentoring, and equipping key leaders and next generation leaders in local church settings as well as outside of the church.

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