Ministry in Lockdown

“A season of sadness and joy:” Timothy Olonade (our partner in Nigeria) has christened this present time. The accuracy of this solidifies when we see the numerous updates from ministry partners of MentorLink all over the globe. From online mentoring sessions in the Philippines and continuous lockdown in India, to the opening of churches in Madrid and more, we are seeing the vast differences among the mountains and valleys we all are experiencing. We ask that you join us in prayer this month, specifically for the ministry leaders around the globe who are fighting feelings of inadequacy, burnout, and overall helplessness due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Patrick Maithya, our partner in Kenya, has explained many of these challenges that continue. Many countries around the world have started to open and resume a more normal-looking life, but the country Patrick is serving has not. Kenya is still enforcing areas of curfew and lockdown and churches are still closed. Patrick mentions that many members of the church do not have access to online services. Several pastors and leaders, like Patrick, are “struggling in this ocean while staying afloat” themselves. May we lift them up in prayer and encouragement as they continue to serve in an unknown territory, attempting to meet the needs of the body of Christ when needs seem to be in great excess.