Days with Jesus: Adele!

Missions work: evangelizing and discipling, is a part of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. One of the primary focuses of MentorLink is to bring innovative discipleship tools to churches and ministries already in place around the world to help them in this process and calling. MentorLink and The JESUS Film Project partnered to create one of these resources, Days with Jesus. “Days with Jesus delivers video clips from The JESUS Film, combined with thought-provoking questions for reflection, discussion and practical application.”

We currently have about 41 different language translations of this resource reaching over 181 countries, and we’d love to keep going! The most current work-in-progress is the translation of Days with Jesus (DWJ) to Adele, a language spoken in Ghana, Africa. MentorLink is partnering with Vineyard Media & Training Services, as well as the Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy, and Bible Translation to make this a reality!

The Adele population is an agricultural one, with literacy rates under 1% and about 20% practicing Christianity. Vineyard Media & Training Services specifically targets indigenous Christians to promote the spread of the Gospel through technology. They are incorporating DWJ into their training of church leaders across Africa, with the Great Commission in mind. With extremely low literacy rates, this resource can be pivotal in reaching yet another population with the love of Jesus.

Please pray with us as we work towards our goal of reaching the Adele population with the Gospel and our financial goal of producing DWJ in the Adele language! If you would prayerfully consider becoming a financial partner, you can play a part in sponsoring this new translation. We thank you for all of your support!