Transformational Mentoring Conference

November 4-8, pastors and ministry leaders from around Central Asia and Europe met in Budapest for a conference on transformational mentoring. Each day’s focus was divided up with time for reflection, application, and breaking into small groups for deep and thought-provoking discussions of what this looks like in the different cultural settings of their ministries. The discussions continued in their free time and meals, an the excitement was palpable.

In such different cultures we have common problems

Day one began with a training on the Leaders Covenant, day two was training on Transformational Values, and day three began with an introduction of the False Leaders statement. Each day also included time for questions and answers from a panel made up of long-time mentors or pastors, Stacy Rinehart, Arve Krakanes, David Toth, and Mark Wohlschlaeger.

“I started sending False Leaders to my church and we are already discussing it.” Kazakhstan

“This was an invitation to partnership and it’s very, very exciting.” Tatarstan

“This was a good reminder of the importance of discipleship. This is what I am trying to teach in my home church” Kazakhstan

Will you pray with us for the attendees? Pray that the things they learned this week will change not only their hearts and ministry, but will help them develop more leaders to lead like Jesus.