Mentoring Ministry in Nigeria

From our ministry partner, Timothy Olanade, serving faithfully in Nigeria: “Glory to God. This time last month some 80 leaders, in church, ministry, politics, professional business, both men and women gathered for the Mentor Development Gathering 2019. We were touched, impacted and imparted with instruction, inspiration and skills on peer mentoring skills. For three full days we had the joy and blessing of being guided and taught on the transformative power of peer mentoring.”  

“We want to thank God for all who prayed for us.”

Their training conference offered specific skills and insight to those who are already serving people – like pastors, teachers (in university and High School), and medical doctors.


David Toth, a missionary in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, shared the purpose and results of deliberate, biblical mentoring. There were also video presentations by Stacy Rinehart, founder of MentorLink, and Herman from MentorLink International in the Philippines.

Please pray for the conference attendees as they return to their homes and places of ministry, that they will develop mentoring relationships with those around them and raise up more mentors.