Open Doors for Days with Jesus in West Africa

Our ministry partner, Ada B, recently shared God’s faithfulness to her as she serves in West Africa. Through doors that the Lord has opened, Ada has been able to distribute Days with Jesus in the Fongbe language.

One of these, a missionary in Seme, Benin, has invited the people of the community to come and study the life and lessons of Jesus. After watching the video clips, they discuss the questions and apply what they have learned to their lives, both children and adults.

Another recipient, a Fongbe-speaking believer residing in Lagos, has created a WhatsApp group for Days with Jesus and is adding people almost daily to the group. They share the Days with Jesus videos and their testimonies of what the Lord is teaching them with each other and with their neighbors and friends.

Ada will be honoring an invitation to the Republic of Benin to train Fongbe-speaking pastors of a leading denomination, and another indigenous mission agency on how to use the Days with Jesus videos effectively for discipleship.

These are great doors the Lord has opened, will you pray for wisdom as Ada collaborates with these ministries? Will you pray for resources for the pastors who work in rural areas who wish to share Days with Jesus with their communities and churches?