Multiplying Mentors in the Philippines

Our partner, Roli, serving faithfully in the Philippines, recently shared some highlights from a recent seminar led by himself and his team.  In all, there were 63 participants that included 30 pastors and 33 church and youth leaders, coming from 18 different churches.

The participants shared, “This seminar is timely for us. The lessons are clear & biblical. The facilitators are good, engaging & even funny. I’m excited to apply the principles when I get back.”

“I will start to pray for our church leaders… then use the materials to mentor them. Thank you for those who made this a reality. God bless you.”

“This seminar was an eye-opening experience for me and my youth leaders. When will you come back?”

Roli says “Our team traveled 876 km from Antipolo City to Bulacan, then to Candon, Ilocos Sur and back. We prayed, ate, shared our family situations, even laughed together… then facilitated a mentoring seminar. Pastor Daryl, the youngest texted: “I’m so blessed to be part of the team. God bless.” Pastor Ed texted: “I’m now at home. I enjoyed every bit of our time together.” Pastor Manny “Praise God.”

Praise God, indeed! It’s not just conducting a seminar, but also mentoring these servant-leaders as we traveled together. I started mentoring these pastors six years ago. Today they are mentoring many pastors and church leaders. Truly, mentoring pastors is the best investment. Glory to God!”