Mentoring Key Leaders is the BEST Investment

Seven years ago, our partner in the Philippines began mentoring one pastor and ten church leaders. He called that group “Equippers,” and God is using them mightily!

Three of the Equippers, Noel, Jeff, and Solomon, have been traveling with Roli to some of his seminars for the last three years. In February, he met with them, and told them that he would not be able to lead the ministry trip in April, due to his recent surgery. Half of the funds needed were already raised and he gave it to them and challenged them to raise the rest and go and lead these seminars. They met for prayer and training, so excited to see what God had in store!

The Lord provided the rest of the funding, and because of their faithfulness, 93 pastors, church leaders, and youth leaders from 40 churches attended the four seminars they conducted. The attendees learned more about how Jesus would have them lead, minister, and serve and have asked the Equippers to return in October to lead part 2!

Glory to God alone!