The Power of Discipleship in El Salvador

In November, at a mentoring seminar in El Salvador, leaders received a powerful testimony of the impact of biblical discipleship


A discouraged Pastor A. had first attended this seminar a year ago and shared then how nothing was happening through his ministry. He did not know how to evaluate his ministry or know what to think of the way ahead.

This year he shared, “Brother, what I learnt here last year changed my life and my ministry.”

Following that first seminar, he had gone back home thinking about the fact that the one thing his church was not doing was the one thing Jesus had commanded: to make disciples. Pastor A. then decided to gather a few men around him to begin mentoring them.

The problem was there were not many men in his church, so he had to think of something else. He went out early the next morning to meet men in the streets, inviting them for a bite to eat and saying, “I’d like to be your friend.” Many were puzzled and bewildered, and declined, but a few accepted and even invited other friends to come along.  A handful of them showed real appreciation that somebody had approached them just to meet and talk to them, and wanted more. So Pastor A. started to intentionally and methodically meet with them and mentor them.

“I wanted to meet the man who came to carry my cross with me, and give me back my son.”

As a result, three of those men are now believers, love to hear and learn from Jesus’ teachings, attend church regularly and dream of the day when they will serve the Lord and others in His name.  One of these men told Pastor A. not long ago: “You are my father now,” and told him that his mother wanted to meet him.

The man’s mother came to the church, spoke to Pastor A. and said, “I wanted to meet the man who came to carry my cross with me, and give me back my son.” Now she is a faithful believer, too.