Spending Days with Jesus: Nigeria

Nigeria is spending Days with Jesus in a variety of ways.

Just a few weeks ago, on Easter Sunday, a church Sunday School class in Nigeria (see image below) used Days 36-38 from 40 Days with Jesus as the focus of their lesson. Through those days, they witnessed the crucifixion, Jesus’ death on the cross, and then His astonishing resurrection. They then discussed questions such as, “Why did Jesus, the Lamb of God, endure the Cross?” and “How do Jesus’ words on the cross give me hope?”


Not far from there, two prisons in Nigeria have been teaching group courses using 40 Days with Jesus.

One man states, “I want to thank Him for what He has done in my life through this programme 40 Days with Jesus; I came into this prison a criminal but I am leaving a changed person.”

Another writes, “I thank God for everything he has done for me in this prison, even though I knew I committed the crime that brought me to this prison. I believe what I have learned in the course has changed my life. And people in the outside world will see a change[d] person when I go out of this prison in Jesus name.”

“I came into this prison a criminal but I am leaving a changed person.”

New converts are being reported among the inmates. In old prison chapels at these two locations, 30 inmates were converted and became followers of Jesus Christ after completing the 40 Days with Jesus course!

Already, our ministry partners in Nigeria are looking for additional ways to utilize Days with Jesus video discipleship tools throughout the nation. They are praying for open doors and continued fruit.