Mongolia: 2 Years Later

In early 2015, Christ Community Church (CCC) of Pinehurst, North Carolina, VET NET and MentorLink International partnered together to take DWJ to Mongolia.

100 micro SD cards were taken to Mongolia and training was provided for local staff,  volunteers and over 110 leaders from churches all over Mongolia on how to use DWJ! Find out more about the initial trip to Mongolia here, and hear what that experience was like.

We still see this wonderful tool being used in Mongolia!



Nearly two years later, our partners have provided us with these incredible updates:


  • Each trip to the countryside means that 50-75 people receive the micro SD card and begin using it.

  • This student is a follower of Jesus, and plans to use DWJ in his school.

  • This is another believer showing new believers how to use DWJ in conjuction with their new Bible.

  • This elderly herder woman just gave her life to Jesus and had just had DWJ installed on her flip phone. She was so excited!