Passing it On! Training in Chad

A few weeks ago, Rene led a Passing it On! Training in Chad.


He writes, “God is moving and day by day. I’m more convinced that [through this] the Lord provided us with one of the real fruitful tools for Africa’s leadership development.”

The local churches are generally based in ethnicity according to the mother tongue and culture, which play a large role in the leading and management of the church based on hierarchy.

Rene observed that many pastors in Chad are not intentionally mentoring the younger leaders, and the majority of leaders and pastors in Chad have never been to school nor had any training.

This training challenged these leaders to invest their lives to raise new leaders who are willing and wanting to lead like Jesus, and then helped each of them take practical steps toward finding someone to mentor.


Additionally, it focused on transforming the character and behavior of the leaders and asked them to prayerfully evaluate their leadership and management styles against Jesus’ model of servant leadership.

“Several of them just cried during the training…there are many leaders who need[ed] this specific training.”

One participant wrote, “This kind of training is instructive, educative, and transformative so we need it every year to most of the leaders and pastors in the country to be transform[ed]. Praise the Lord for the training!”

Already there are plans to conduct additional training next year, with the goal of gathering many additional denominational leaders.

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