Mentor Training in Senegal

In early January, MentorLink International held several days of mentoring training in Senegal. 52 people from five different churches and four local ministries attended the training, bringing together pastors, teachers and leaders from local ministries, as well as several professionals from secular work environments.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Lord [for] allowing me to get that training. The realities and truth came from the word of God, expressed in a particular way [that] helped me to see things differently. I come to realize some of my mistakes in the past. Today I can mark some positive changes in my understanding and in my leadership.”



The responses to the training were very encouraging: several attendees asked if the training could be held at their local churches or organizations in order to train their leadership teams. A pastor from Chad (nearly 350 miles away) asked if two of his pastors could receive the training so that they could take the traning back to Chad to pass on to others.

“Please give me the chance to keep learning Mentoring and become a trainer to equip pastors and leaders in my area of ministry. God spoke to me since attending that training: I’m committed to change my leadership in a practical way, and see the training as a tool God is going to use as solution to so many leadership challenges we are facing in Chad.”

Praise the Lord for such a fruitful training.
May it be a catalyst to develop a lasting mentoring movement in Africa!