North America Regional Gathering

Over 65 people from 37 different churches and organizations attended the MentorLink International North America Regional Conference, held October 28-29, in Ontario, Canada. The theme for this two-day regional gathering was, “Training for Mentors and Trainers.”

Worship for the conference was led by Don Brubacher, and attendees were privileged to hear from many influential speakers, including Steve Adams from Forward Baptist Church, Bill Fietje, Bill Mann, Herman Moldez, Tim Jacobson, Marvin Brubacher and Stacy Rinehart.

Additionally, four breakout sessions were provided on topics such as:

  • How to Use the Leader’s Covenant
  • How to Use the Passing it On! Seminar
  • How to Use the Days with Jesus Tools
  • How to Create a Spiritual Mentoring Movement

Attendees had the opportunity to interact with one another, discuss personal experiences related to mentoring, and studied the Scriptures and prayed together. Many left feeling refreshed and encouraged after worshipping, learning and fellowshipping together.

Stay tuned for additional resources and followup from this regional event.