DWJ Bari Launched

At the recent North America Regional Gathering, MentorLink International (MLI) launched  Days with Jesus (DWJ) Bari for South Sudan. DWJ Bari joins 25 other languages currently available. See our website for a full listing of languages.

In March of 2016, MentorLink Canada partnered with Chris, a missionary with Windows of Opportunity, a faith-based cooperative in South Sudan, to translate and produce DWJ Bari.  In addition to providing meaningful employment and education to South Sudanese people, Windows of Opportunity also focuses on intensive training and spiritual mentoring with upper level management. Their aim for their partners is that they each”go home with more knowledge than they come to work with — and [that] they take that knowledge (both spiritual and trade-wise) back to their family,” creating sustainable and lasting futures.

(Above: Left. English language class and studying a passage from the Bible in Bari, Middle. Windows of Opportunity logo, Right. Hut where lunchtime classes are held.)

Chris first began using 40 DWJ English with a few of the Sudanese workers at a local banana farm, teaching them about Jesus during the heat of the day, when they gathered to rest and eat lunch.  He then desired to translate 40 Days with Jesus into the Bari language so that he could share DWJ with all of the workers, some of whom could not comprehend English.

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It was our pleasure to present Chris with the completed DWJ Bari DVDs and micro SD cards for distribution among these South Sudanese workers. Currently, DWJ Bari is one of the only biblical and discipleship resources available in the Bari language.

(Above: Left. Praying together over DWJ Bari, Right. South Sudan)

We look forward to hearing how God uses DWJ Bari among this people group! Stay tuned for more updates!