DWJ e-Courses Now Available

Looking for new ways to spend Days with Jesus? MentorLink International has partnered with Top Chretien and Jesus.Net to create two DWJ e-courses, available in French and English.

English e-Course: 7 Days with Jesus: Grace

The English e-course features 7 Days with Jesus: Grace. To register for the e-course:

Visit https://codex.training/7-days-with-jesus-grace.
Click on the “Enroll in this course” button.
Enter an e-mail and password.
Check the “I agree to Terms of Use” box.
Click “Create an account.”


French e-Course: 40 jours avec Jésus

The French e-course features 40 Days with Jesus in French (40 jours avec Jésus). To register for this e-course:

Visit http://www.topchretien.com/topformations/view/formation/jesus/
Enter an e-mail and password.
Click “Connexion.”

Check out these two great resources. Also stay tuned for additional DWJ tools to become available as e-courses. Finally, look forward to the debut of a new online discipleship tool from MentorLink International and Jesus.net based on the movie The Gospel of John.