DWJ Urdu Streaming on TV in Pakistan

Days with Jesus Urdu is gaining a following in the Middle East. It is being distributed on Christian television in Pakistan on a channel called Zindagi TV (LifeTV), which also hosts a free mobile app and live web stream for it’s audience, which numbers in the millions.

“They show it on streaming TV daily in Pakistan. So on any given day, 50,000 minimum watch it.” 
– C. Benjamin, MLI Ministry Partner

The free mobile app can be downloaded from Zindagi TV’s website, www.zindagitv.com or www.zindagitv.net.


Currently, only 40 DWJ has been completed in Urdu, however, our ministry partner and our DWJ production team are in the process of translating and recording audio for all of MentorLink International’s Days with Jesus tools:

We are so thankful to have teamed with OM LifeHope and Turning Point Media House on this project. And we have been beyond thrilled by the response this video discipleship tool is having around the world.

Our deepest thanks to each of you who contributed – both prayerfully and financially – to make this resource available in Urdu.