Passing it On!

Passing It On! training updates from around the globe.


Group.JPGThere is a strong desire to grow in discipleship and mentoring among pastors here. We conducted a Passing it On! training with a team of volunteers that serve among university students. Over two days, we dug deep into the subject of biblical mentoring and the practical application of this.

Prior to this, we had also conducted this same training for 25 staff members at another campus ministry. Next, we had an audience of 30 who were open to growing in  mentoring. The pastor of a local church asked us to give this same training at his church.


Team training and teaching staff on the topic of mentoring.



There were many questions about mentors – what they were and what they weren’t. Eventually they started seeing that Jesus’ model of leadership did not mass produce leaders, but instead was taking an intense amount of time with just a few.

One of the pastors said he had been so encouraged by this training and that people would pay millions to get it, yet we were giving it away free.




IMG-20151021-WA0007.jpgThree-day seminar with key pastoral
leaders from across the country.
The focus was modeling Christ-likeness,
and to communicate truths of
Christ-like leadership that will be
seeds of transformation in the lives
of the participants.